Dr. Manfred Stegger, born 1951, founded the company allesklar.com AG in 1996, today he is chairman of the board.

Before starting his own company Dr. Stegger studied economics focused on area studies. During his studies he engaged with EDP and learned several programming languages. After obtaining his doctorate Stegger worked at the Welt-Wirtschafts-Archiv in Hamburg (HWWA) and chaired an economic research institute of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in South America. After his return to Germany in 1986 Dr. Stegger joined the management board of FES before he transitioned into self-employment and founded the internet-company allesklar.com AG.

Today the company allesklar.com AG operates the portal meinestadt.de. meinestadt.de considers itself being the market leader in regional online-marketing and local internet search. For each of Germany’s 11.341 cities meinestadt.de offers a unique platform with comprehensive local information, such as events, yellow pages, addresses, phone numbers, local news, cinema guides and ticketing, as well as the whole range of local advertising. With a reach of 17 percent and 8.56 million unique users, meinestadt.de holds position No. 17 among Germany’s internet portals, according to AGOF. Since early 2006 the publishing house Georg von Holtzbrinck holds a minority share at allesklar.com AG.