Marie Bernard has about 15 years of experience in client service and business development within two radically different fields – performing arts, and professional service firms. Her Ariadne’s thread
has been her ability to combine (and promote) high quality data management with user experience
improvement. A French National, she has graduated in Political Sciences and Contemporary History
in Lyon… and learnt a lot on the way. She is currently a global business development and marketing
manager at Salans, an international law firm, supporting transactional business law practitioners.

She originally specialised in studying how social links are determined, expanded and maintained,
in particular the interaction between the social relationships and the way we physically occupy our
territories (home, Kiez/district, workplace…). These series of fundamental researches in the vicinity
of history, urban sociology, and architecture still influence her mind-set and her everyday work in
the corporate world.

Gradually involved in the Berlin artistic and tech start-up scene since she relocated there,
she observes the acceleration of the digitalisation process and reflects on what the dramatic transformation of formerly physical-only territories into virtual playgrounds means for service providers.