Marius is always one step ahead. He leads the idea behind fileee and drives the project forward with all his strength. Marius has a history of founding companies. Already in the beginnings of Web 2.0 he created, marketed and optimized web applications. Additionally he has the necessary competencies for bringing products to the market – with knowledge in methods such as SEO and the constant urge to try something new. As CEO of fileee he organises and coordinates the team and plans the future. Whenever he finds more time, he is actively involved in the development and supports the engineering-team. Notably, he trains all fileee -newcomers and helps them find their way into the complex structure. Knowing the technical as well as organisational side of the business, Marius integrates all this into a unique company, with team members from Germany, Sweden and Austria. In presenting his idea fileee, he has already won the "EXIST-Gründerstipendium” (scholarship), the Launch-Pad award at the prestigious University of Münster whilst completing his studies in Information Systems.