Markus Breuer is a seasoned entrepreneur, who founded three companies so far. He founded one of Germany's first Multimedia agencies in 1992, which later become part of Elephant Seven (now part of Pixelpark, Germany's leading e-Business agency), where he served as CTO and member of the board.

After a two year sabbatical he went back to his old company as chief consultant, coordinating the consulting activities at Elephant Seven before starting a new venture, The Otherland Group, which is focused on consulting and development services in the realm of Virtual Worlds.

Markus Breuer now is back at Elephant Seven/Pixelpark as Managing Director of the Elephant Seven Office in Bielefeld and Chief Consultant of the Group. He is an experienced teamleader and strategic consultant as well as a renowned expert in the German eBusiness industry on topics like online social networks and technology innovations. He is one of the best known German experts in the field of Virtual Worlds and a regular contributor to trade conferences and seminars on this topic as well as on conversion optimization, user-centric design, adaptive websites and augmented reality.