Markus motto: "Anarchy in Web-TV". His goal: Emancipate Webvideo as an independent media-genre. Before finding his way to Webvideo, he
started his career as a journalist for a small regional newspaper.

Having "served" there for several years, he ventured into the new field of Webvideo, using his nickname "Videopunk". He was head of video-department at (WAZ Mediagroup). Since April 2010 he is working as a freelancing journalist for different media companies.

Currently he is part of the "Elektrischer Reporter"-Team, a TV-Webvideo-Hybrid for german ZDF about netculture. In addition to this he advises media-agencies and companies in setting up their
Webvideo-strategies and is training young journalists from all over the world on how to use webvideo for their journalistic endeavours.

He is also Co-Founder and Organizer of the Deutsche Webvideotage (German Webvideodays), together with Stefan Evertz. The Webvideotage
( consists of the Videocamp, a two-day Barcamp specialised on Webvideo and the Deutsche Webvideopreis (German Webvideoaward), honoring the best online-only german-speaking videos.

If he's not spending his time between YouTube and the editing room, you can find him blogging at