Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Babbel, Markus is an entrepreneur with an academic, technical & marketing background. After completing his Humanities major, he began his career as a researcher and academic teacher at NYU and Humboldt University, where he found his passion for teaching. Following his time as an academic, he led the development of online marketing and web infrastructure and managed the online and systems teams at music software company Native Instruments for 6 years. Coming back to learning and teaching, he co-founded Babbel in 2007. The vision of the founders since then has been to make language learning more fun using today’s technologies, teaching methods and engagement techniques. Markus describes Babbel as a learning company on the inside as much as on the outside and his personal goal is to develop a team in which each and every person is constantly learning. He took an unusual route into academia and enterprise, gaining much from independent learning whilst playing jazz music through his teens and twenties and teaching himself programming starting in 1984 on an Olivetty L1 M44. As a direct result of these experiences, Markus views learning as an approach to living.