Babelverse, an award winning startup (LeWeb'11, TheNextWeb'12, TechCrunch Disrupt'12), is the first solution for speech translation in any language, powered by a global community of human interpreters.

Our vision is a universe where everyone communicates seamlessly, while speaking their native language.
We aim to do to language barriers what the aeroplane did to geographical barriers.

Mayel de Borniol is originally from France but often living in different countries, most recently in Chile. At 27, he's already co-founded 3 startups (Podemus, a podcasting platform ; LeLab.TV, an online TV ; and ANETech Labs, a web/app agency).

Apart from his many passions such as film, photography and journalism, he most of all enjoys exploring the world. He thinks travelling is more about the people than the places, and would love to know dozens of languages (current count is at around 4), and be able to communicate with everyone.