Dr. Mazen Rizk is Founder and CEO of Mushlabs, a biotech startup producing the next generation of sustainable foods from mycelium, the roots of edible mushrooms. Through a proprietary fermentation process, Mushlabs produces one of the most sustainable and transformable foods in the world. Today, Mushlabs comprises a team of nearly 60 employees from over 22 countries. It's a place where diverse visionaries and experts from around the world come together to find solutions for the future.

Mazen was born and raised in Byblos, Lebanon. After finishing his master's degree in Molecular Biology at the Lebanese American University, he moved to Germany and completed his PhD in Synthetic Biology at the Technical University of Hamburg. Mazen developed the basic concept for Mushlabs while working at one of the world's largest yeast extract producers. His passion for sustainability and impact-driven change has led him from conducting research on renewable energy, to working from global food tech companies, to founding Mushlabs and realizing his mission to rethink how people produce and consume food. In his spare time, Mazen enjoys playing the piano and basketball.