Michael is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Last.fm Ltd. and managed the company as ceo from 2002 until 2005. His approach in combining music discovery, online radio and social software was awarded in Europe and the USA and brought the company to the attention of millions of consumers, global media and global players. Michael's latest venture is Reality Jockey Ltd. which is the publisher of the RjDj mobile applications and the online music portal www.rjdj.me. The company is producing some of the most innovative iPhone applications such as "Dimensions, adventures in the multiverse" and “Inception The App”.. RjDj is praised by music aficionados for being the next evolutionary step in music and music technology.
Michael is regularly booked as speaker in international events and you will find interviews in magazines from Wired to Business Week. He is enjoying life with his family in a little village, in the Austrian Alps where you can also find him skiing and snowboarding on the local mountains.