As a futures researcher, Monika Bielskyte has been on a 9-year nomadic journey engaging with future emergence in 90+ countries. As a futurist, Monika consults at the future intersection of technology, culture & politics. As a world designer, she explores the bleeding edges of Science Fiction universes, having been commissioned by major film productions and studios.

Monika’s past clients include Universal, Google, Nike, DreamWorks, World Economic Forum, BBC, Microsoft, Mexico City, McKinsey, Anonymous Content, Reliance JIO, Telefonica, MTN, Huawei, TATA, among others.

Monika is currently developing @protopiafutures, a platform for research & creative collaborations challenging & offering alternatives to dystopian/utopian stereotypes. Protopia prototypes visions of radically hopeful & inclusive futures shaped by the urgent need for expanded futures literacy, & to combat the rise of misinformation in the coming age of the increasingly immersive media.