Morten’s journey as an entrepreneur has seen him reach great highs and lows. The pinnacle of

Skype’s sale to eBay in September 2007 for $2.5 billion (again in May 2011 to Microsoft for $8.5

billion), and the low of personal bankruptcy in January 2009 following a disastrous end to his free

newspaper venture Nyhedsavisen.

The intrigue surrounding Morten and his current projects can be seen on his Twitter account, where

he has the highest number of followers of any entrepreneur in Denmark. The focus of his varied and

unorthodox career has tended to shift with each decade. For example, in his 20s, he moved

in the advertising business, selling his web design agency to Leo Burnett at the age of 27. In

his 30s, Morten created Denmark’s first incubator, active in Skype, ZYB, Polar Rose, Zecco

and 80 other startups. A recent smash hit was Tradeshift, a digital invoicing group founded

in his basement in November 2009. Some years later (in March 2014), the company closed

a $75 million investment, driving it into the Asian market with PayPal and Intuit as fellow


Now in his 40s, he is concentrating on financial technology companies linked to Tradeshift,

with Capital Aid as the star project. Morten is also building a portfolio of startups that match

his needs as a serial entrepreneur such as pitchXO, Tofte Company and Sharkboard.