Ola Ahlvarsson is a Swedish entrepreneur based out of Stockholm. He is one of the founders of Result and is currently the chairman of its board. Ahlvarsson and Result own and operate a portfolio of Internet and media companies including Spray, Keynote Media Group (listed at Firstnorth) and SIME. He has been elected Young Global leader at the world economic forum in Davos.

Ahlvarsson has a background as a successful entrepreneur working as an Internet strategist, business accelerator and a managerial advisor for Fortune 500 and small medium sized companies to help then grow faster. Ahlvarsson has authored the book 'Ola "Mission Possible" Ahlvarsson' which was published by Midas in 2005. Ahlvarsson is a frequent speaker at various international leading industry events. He holds an MBA from the University of Stockholm and is the course director and the executive MBA Program Faculty member at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.