Peter Bihr explores the impact of emerging technologies, and how to put them to work responsibly and for the public good.

Peter is the founder and Managing Director of The Waving Cat, a boutique research, strategy & foresight company. He co-founded and chairs the board of ThingsCon e.V., a not-for-profit that advocates for responsible practices in Internet of Things (IoT).

Peter was a Mozilla Fellow (2018-19) and Edgeryders Fellow (2019). Postscapes named him a Top 20 Influencer in IoT (2019). He is the author of View Source: Shenzhen and Understanding the Connected Home (with Michelle Thorne).

He has provided research and policy recommendations to governments and global tech companies, supported automotive clients with R&D strategy, and helped organizations embrace innovation opportunities as an external radar and sparring partner.

His projects, thoughts and other antics have been featured in Forbes, New York Times, SPIEGEL, The Guardian, ZDF, ZEIT and many others.