Philip Bayer-Sekula is the Head of the Corporate Social Counseling division at KKM Corporate Health in Aachen. Prior to this role, he spent 15 years working as a freelancer for the youth welfare office in child, youth, and family support. As a graduate social pedagogue, systemic therapist, and specialist educator in psychotraumatology, Philip Bayer-Sekula currently collaborates with individuals who often face significant professional and/or personal challenges and require assistance in addressing their issues. At this juncture, a shift in perspective can be observed, leading more and more companies to recognize the importance of not only offering physical fitness programs to their employees but also creating initiatives that emphasize prioritizing mental health.

Consequently, corporate social counseling is assuming an increasingly prominent role. In addition to his consulting mandates within the context of corporate social counseling, Philip Bayer-Sekula also serves as the coordinator of external operational integration management (BEM) aimed at effectively reintegrating long-term sick employees into the workforce. Moreover, he conducts assessments of psychological stressors, contributing to making companies more resilient for the future.