Before map2app, I was the co-founder and CEO of Econoetica srl, an Italy-based ISP that established a nationwide wifi hotspot network - but my passion has always been travel. My experience in mobile travel guides dates back to 2006, when my co-founder Simone and I developed a PDA-based travel guide for Florence, Naples and Ischia. In those early days before Apple launched the app store, we individually loaded PDAs provided by our partners with our early app prototype and rented them out to tourists. The initiative was considered cutting-edge for its time, but for me it only spurred greater ambition: to make excellent travel content on destinations worldwide available to mass audiences.
In August 2011, we found our solution: map2app, a platform to turn travel related content mobile. In less than a year travel writers, bloggers and travel related company built more that 200 apps for iPhone and android.
In the last month I start a new start-up: his name is Pablo, and he bring 3,9 Kilos of innovation in my life.