Przemysław Kozłowski worked over 15years in IT business. Started as an IT specialist, designer. He set up 2 VoIP service providers in Poland. Took part in planning of 6 regional broadband internet networks. Last year with Grzegorz Hibner and Krzysztof Liszyński’s from passion for technology established GLIP Ltd. Their inspirations created the beginning of the first touch table, which was constructed in a garage.
GLIP Ltd. is a manufacturer of interactive touch platforms. Its offer includes touch tables, screens, and totems equipped with a touch recognition system. GLIP also designs holograms and interactive floors. The equipment is integrated to handle various applications, both ready-made and dedicated ones. The company is also a supplier of software for the touch environment.
The company has been given seed financing from the Poznań Science and Technology Park of the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation. This is a strong impulse to expand the offer.