Growing up in Berlin, Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen early on dedicated his life to creating change. He enrolled at the Berlin University of Arts, studied design thinking, created a campaign for the Right Livelihood Award, trained as a radio host with a call-in show for people in emotional distress, confronting himself with poverty, abuse and loneliness in the dark niches of the welfare state.

Reacting to these social issues with a spirit of inclusiveness, participation and entrepreneurship, Raúl co-founded the Sozialhelden platform, a multi-award-winning group of extraordinary changemakers, of which he is one of the creative masterminds. The group has a track record of creating successful, sustainable and well marketed social innovations, including “Pfandtastisch helfen!”, Germany’s most prominent recycling for social change project, and “SuperZivi”, a radio casting show for young changemakers. While continuing to contribute to the Sozialhelden, Raúl now fully concentrates on growing the community.