Rhys is best known as a passionate advocate of people-driven business growth that is future proof. As an entrepreneur and acclaimed leadership and business coach, he co-founded GPi and developed the Pathfinder method that enables business leaders to unlock their business potential and find their own way. He regularly publishes articles on digitalisation on LinkedIn and is a business writer for www.BusinessZone.co.uk.

Coming from a dynamic entrepreneurial background he understood early on the ups and downs of successful family businesses. He was an intrapreneur within large organisations, setting up businesses in emerging markets and has seen first-hand the dynamics of team growth as a result. He then went on to lead international internet-based projects that rolled out across over 50 countries, which inspired him to do an MBA International. He founded, and has been the entrepreneur of his own businesses, since 2004.

Rhys is fascinated by technology and the possibilities which come with it. However, he considers that we should use technology to better our lives. Furthermore, he believes the success of digitalisation lies with getting the people and the organisation ready to embrace change… for the better.