Riva-Melissa Tez is a Co-Founder and Partner at Permutation Ventures, a database platform and investment fund that focuses on impact-driven early-stage AI companies.

Her professional work attempts to understand the intersection between human behavior and technology; her search for solutions comes from a childhood spent with a mom who suffered from schizophrenia.

After exiting her previous business in 2011, a London based toystore and children's party company, Riva moved to Berlin to further her passion for technology and all things digital.

Within a few months she developed the idea for Scrappd.com, a forthcoming children‘s stickerbook website and app. Scrappd is partnering with book publishers, museums and galleries to provide children with empty digital books to fill with cultural stickers, for children to create collages and to share with friends, or to even swap their own sticker creations in scrappd's own user network. Currently in private beta, a public launch is being planned for May 2013.

As well as this, Riva is also Founder of Berlin Singularity, a group formed to share and debate future tech themes and to promote philanthrotech ideas.

Riva is also a lecturer at the DAB University in Berlin where she teaches Digital Brand Engagement from its origins into the future.