Sabine Schilg is Vice President and CMO for Software Group for IBM in
Europe. Through years of helping IBM succeed in areas of M&A, Product
Management, Product Marketing, Marketing, Business Development as well as
designing and transforming social and collaboration strategies for IBMs Top
100 accounts, Sabine has developed a unique vision on what is driving
business success in our Smarter Planet today.

In her current role as CMO for the Software Group in Europe, she is leading
the marketing and communication efforts for IBMs leading software brands.
In this role Sabine directs all aspects of marketing. Under her
leadership, and using IBM's own predictive analytics technology, Sabine
guides sellers (tele)marketing organizations and discusses with IBM
partners what activities yield the best returns. Sabine is member of IBM's
global marketing board; this is driving the marketing transformation in
IBM where Europe is in the lead.

Prior to this, Sabine led the integration of several social and analytics
acquisitions including Cognos Europe, SPSS and Bowstreet. She has also
held leadership positions in Product Management, Director of Software as a
Service, Smart Card Solutions, Chip and Mainframe technologies and
developed Go to Market and partnerships for IBM's collaboration
technologies as well as Business Development of large OEM engagements.

Sabine believes in using strategy to find new ways and channels to create
leads and brand awareness in more productive ways.

She holds a Master degree in Mathematics and a Business MBA.