Sarik Weber (43) is a founder and Managing Director of Hanse Ventures, a Hamburg-based start-up accelerator. As a pioneer in the position of Vice President of Sales he was responsible for the worldwide distribution of OpenBC, now the Xing corporation, and was involved in the successful IPO of the company. Before founding Hanse Ventures, he founded the Cellity corporation in 2006 and successfully sold it to Nokia in 2009.

Sarik studied European business in Osnabrück, at the Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastián (Spain) and at Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education in London. After finishing his MA in business administration he established a new Spanish specialized trade sales company for the Hettich group and turned them into the market leader. Later he was a branch manager and sales manager for the Tap Group for four years as well as managing shareholder for the SEM agency Eprofessional.

As a business angel he has helped start-ups with his keen passion for networking and entrepreneurship. Sarik Weber is also a member of the Artaxo Supervisory Board.