I founded a concept for tailor made dress shirts for men called “Philip Herenmode” in 2010 and managed it for almost three years. Managed it with great passion and got a lot of fun! I quit at Philip Herenmode to start a new chapter in my career with an one year master Strategic Entrepreneurship in Sweden and have used that time to create the next project, which is Glean. Glean consist of a group young highly talented and passionate entrepreneurs with already a lot of experience, managed by me to make a success out of this new start up. Beside Glean I am co-creator in the ONE WORLDcitizens project, where we guide talented youth in the age of 12 to 18 years to accomplish their social entrepreneurial goals and projects.
I strongly believe in the power of team work and individual freedom. Try to create an informal work environment where every team member can excel in the things he likes to do to contribute to the common goal!
Beside work I have a great passion for sport, where I like challenges and accomplish goals like tournaments in team squads. Team sport has for me the same characteristics as a start up of company where performance and the right team spirit matter.