Selina Kristin Seemann was born in 1993 in Flensburg and now lives further south, near Kiel.

She had her first appearances with Poetry Slams in 2010, but then her high school diploma and studies intervened and she did not return to the stage until 2016.

Since then she has managed to reach the final of the Schleswig-Holstein Championships, win the NDR Poetry Slam in Low German and become a regular author at Schleswig-Holstein's biggest and most successful reading stage, "Irgendwas mit Möwen".
Since 2018 she has also been part of the team of presenters of the Kiel cabaret show "Kunst gegen Bares" and for some time she and Fabian Navarro have been taking over custody of Eloquentron3000; a bot that writes its own texts. Recently she was even recognized by a stranger in a disco.

Her lyrics are rhymed and told, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Meanwhile, relatives and friends are happy that Selina, after her teacher training (German and English studies), wanted to do something sensible, studied something with culture and media, and exchanged her career as a civil servant for the excitement of artistic life.