In the late December 3 ladies joined a professional Christmas cookies baking course, which costed them 210 euros and left all three frustrated. They didn’t get the advices they were seeking for, and it took them a hell of an effort to find even those wacky courses. The girls wondered how many cookies they could have bought on those 210 euros, especially after they finally met Heike - a wonderful housewife who taught them a cookie-baking lesson for a much more reasonable fee and with a lot more soul.

That is how the idea of SkillnDeal was born. One of those girls was Tatiana Chapovalova - the founder and CEO of SkillnDeal. She decided to stop the lesson-searching madness and to create a community marketplace where people could share their talent and experience. Tatiana has an enormous business background. For the last 5 years she had been working as a senior industry manager and a business advisor at one of the most prominent consulting companies, directing large-scale projects. Tatiana designed corporate strategies for her customers and optimized processes. She studied in Germany, Russia and Austria, has her Doctor of Economics, MBA Growth Management and B.Sc. in Engineering.