Thomas Webb is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative hacker living in London, UK.
Webb‘s love of technology, devices and computers grew from a young age and with it too a mindset of taking things apart to put them back together in a different way – leading to his unique artistic style seen today. One of his first hacking exploits involved hacking into his school´s computer system when he was 13; displeased with the lack of justice against his bullies, Webb decided to take matters into his own hands... Webb has now developed an extensive creative hacking background, and you‘ll find him leading keynotes around the world.

During his talks, Webb often highlights how a lack of understanding of the technology around us leads to an underappreciation of it. By breaking down techniques and theories of technology, Webb highlights in his keynote the art involved in technological processes, carefully constructed code holding the same potential beauty as a typical piece of art. Webb today continues to champion this thinking through his artwork, using the same techniques to create thought-provoking artwork.