Dr. Thorsten Hübschen who is responsible for the productivity 4.0 project, including Office, Yammer, and Skype at Microsoft Germany, was born in August 1974 – exactly eight months before Bill Gates founded Microsoft. Growing up between the data center and C++, he earned his doctorate in pure mathematics (functional theories) with a minor in computer science. Most recently working for the Business Technology Office at McKinsey, he is now driving his vision of the future world of work in his capacity as Director of the Microsoft Office Division.

Based on Office Graph Dr. Thorsten Hübschen wants to bring together enterprises as agile networks for customers and employees to facilitate product innovation in a decentralized and transparent way. He and author Markus Albers published the “Manifest for a New Way of Work“. In May 2015, the book “Out of Office – Why we have to Reinvent Work“ was released which he wrote together with Dr. Elke Frank. You may follow him on Twitter at @ThorHuebschen