Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur, presenter and speaker. With her company Global Digital Women she is committed to networking and visibility of women in the digital industry and advises companies on diversity issues and communication. The “Manager Magazin“ and Handelsblatt ranks her among the top 100 of the most influential women in business and she is one of the few LinkedIn Influencer worldwide.

With her company Global Digital Women she won the German Excellence Award and the business magazine “Capital“ voted her one of the top 40 talents in the business world. Tijen Onaran was also appointed to the Faculty Board for Digital Leadership at Management School St. Gallen. She publishes articles for magazines such as “Handelsblatt”, “Manager Magazin” and others on topics related to digitalization, diversity and personal branding regularly. The podcast “How to Hack” appears every week, where she is the host together with the magazine “Business Punk”.

Tijen published her experiences in the field of networking and personal brannding in her books “Die Netzwerkbibel” (2019) and “Nur wer sichtbar ist findet auch statt” (2020).