Tim Giesler is Chief Marketing Officer of MOIA and joined the company over 6.5 years ago as Head of Design. Throughout this period, he has not only relaunched the brand strategy and visual identity, but was also in the lead of the MOIA+6 vehicle design to bring the first special-purpose vehicle for ridepooling to the streets of Hamburg. Prior to that, he worked for several DAX companies as freelance Product Designer and Brand Consultant. Back in 2013, he founded a start-up called Goodtrip to make traveling more user-friendly, but it failed successfully. At MOIA, he is now responsible for overall revenues, leading and building Brand, Marketing and Sales organizations as well as UX, Product Design and Research organizations. In close collaboration with Volkswagen, Tim is thriving to make autonomous driving reality. He truly believes in the push for the mobility turnaround through innovation, great partnerships with cities and companies mainly operating in the mobility field.