Timandra Harkness writes and presents BBC Radio 4 documentaries, including Divided Nation and Five Knots, and series FutureProofing and Steelmanning. Regular Radio and TV appearances to discuss current affairs, especially issues around technology, include Newsnight, Any Questions, Politics Live and Free Thinking.
Her first book, Big Data: does size matter? was published by Bloomsbury Sigma in 2016 (updated paperback edition 2017). She is now writing another book for Harper Collins, on the changing relationship between human identity and technology, due out in 2023.

Timandra won the Independent newspaper’s column-writing competition with a short piece on goat-borrowing, and has since written for innumerable publications, including The Times, Daily Telegraph, BBC Science Focus and Unherd. A Graduate Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Timandra writes regularly for their journal, Significance.
See www.timandraharkness.com for more.