This guy is on fire – and not in an Alicia Keys-type of way. Torsten Ostmeier is founder and CEO of kwizzme, and he is absolutely passionate about the idea of finally bringing the demand to the center of e-Commerce. Torsten has been working in Marketing, Online Advertising & E-Commerce for more than 15 years, for example at Xplain, Proximity Group, Adtech AG and DQ&A Germany. He has overseen the development of Digital Commerce from its very beginnings. Even though the idea had been lingering in his mind for a while, the direct impulse to start kwizzme came when in 2011, he was trying to book a family holiday online and got desperate over the sheer number of offers and special prices – none of which really suited his needs. Ever since then he has been burning to make E-Commerce put a greater focus on the customers’ wishes.