Uwe Lübbermann is founder and CEO (officially at least) of Premium-Cola, a softdrink brand based in Hamburg, which is ruled by a consensus-oriented collective of potentially all its stakeholders, including the consumers.

This idealistic approach has not only proven to sustain and boost the company since 2001, it also helped to develop a unique set of management tools which address and design ecological, social and economic issues more consistently than any other company in the industry. For instance, Premium-Cola offers anti-volume-discounts, publishes mistakes actively and has no written contracts in order to stabilize the value creation chain.

These and other tools have established a special USP, which Premium-Cola offers for free (e. g. open franchise) in order to spread the ideas, support companies in other industries to work in a similar way, and also to help forcing others through market pressure.

That approach seems to work: Uwe Lübbermann has become a specialized consultant for sustainable business for a growing number of other brands.