Over her 7 years at Akeneo, Virginie has transformed so much of what the company says and does. From being the first Business Consultant at Akeneo, to being a leading member of the Marketing organization, she has built and refined world-class initiatives that are now part of the company practices and story. That includes the global roll out of a unique maturity model, to being the face of customer events. Each has had measurable impacts on the growth of the company and the success of its customers. Virginie is the go-to person for many employees, influencers, partners and customers on how they can do better in their work and what is happening in the market. And she does all this with an infectious passion.
Prior to joining Akeneo, Virgine worked as a business consultant for an ERP software company. She has been involved in leading projects at luxury brands and manufacturers, with an emphasis on product enrichment workflows and scaling product catalogs to address new digital e-commerce challenges.