Vlad? That guy who always talks about his Puzzled.by project?

First I was a student in Business Administration in the Bucharest Academy of Economic studies. By year 2 reality hit me I realized too much blah blah hurts and it's time to do something more productive.

I became the "inexperienced student looking for a job." I was extremely lucky that I got to Adulmec.ro (an internet startup back then - deal aggregator ) where I joined a team of american internet investors who as well decided to start their own company, they were my mentors and they taught me how to fall in love with the online environment and its opportunities. Here I started small but worked myself up. In the end I was in charge of product development.

After 2 years I left the startup chasing an incredible opportunity that I was offered, a full scholarship to study at one of the best business schools in Europe Where I studied Innovation Management at RSM, Rotterdam, Holland.. Here I realized it was time to start something on my own and so I became the guy who always talks about Puzzled.by, the startup company I founded along with friends I met at Adulmec, in RSM, and one who I knew before.