Wolf Dieter Enkelmann (Dr. phil.) is director of the ‚Institut für Wirtschaftsgestaltung‘ (‚Center for Philosophical Economics‘), a think tank for speculative thinking based in Berlin.

As expert in political economy the passionate philosopher sees the technological utopy out of a specific
perspective. His thesis: Economy, also the tech-economy, needs the democratic system to develop at its best.
He is lecturer at different universities (2014/2015 he has been associated professor for philosophy and aesthetics at the HFG in Karlsruhe) and a much asked for coach in the field of arts as well as in business-consultancy-projects.

He is co-editor of the ‚Reihe Wirtschaftsphilosophie‘ at the Metropolis Verlag, Marburg. His recent publication: Denken handelt. Philosophie für Manager, 2017.