The NEXT18 main topic

NEXT discusses digital trends and their impact on human behaviour, before investigating what these mean for businesses and their strategies. Each year, we intend to provoke new thoughts with our broader theme for the NEXT Conference.

From ‘Digital Sucks’…

After ‘Digital Sucks’ in 2017 we will focus on ‘Digital Fix – Fix Digital’ this year – as it seems there are millions of opportunities out there to fix digital and make things a lot better. And we’re not only talking Facebook here, but also look at the way we innovate and build products, regulate and govern, educate the next generation or take responsibility as business leaders and citizens. At NEXT, we want to examine some of the biggest challenges ahead.

…to ‘Digital Fix’.

How can we implement AI in a good way and how do we deal with the broader consequences? How do we deserve to regain trust as companies dealing with consumer data? Do we build meaningful products that solve consumer problems instead of adding to them? What is the answer to the concentration of power in the hands of a few tech companies? And what do we have to know and learn to stay on top of things?  We will challenge experts from around the globe to give their answers. Learn more about the NEXT18 main topic on the blog.

Speakers at NEXT18

Programme 2018

Curious about what NEXT18 will bring you?

We are working hard to offer you two packed conference days with carefully curated topics like new interfaces, shifting powers in the digital space, digital humanism and the transformation of workforce, best practice in UX, product design and many more.

The complete conference programme will be revealed here as soon as possible. Until then, please take a look at the programme structure, discover some of last year’s speakers below and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Let’s Talk About X

This year, NEXT’s main focus will lay on the topics: AI and machine learning, shifting powers in the digital space, Digital Humanism and the transformation of work force, new ways to innovate and best practice in UX, product design and marketing.

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