NEXT always commits itself to the highest possible level of health and safety at its events. This time, for a ’Safe Next’ our state-certified safety officers will be there to inspect every event site upfront and ensure local COVID measures as well as nationally valid pandemic regulations and laws are observed and implemented. Every event site, whether private or public, will have its individual regulations which will be respected, evaluated and applied to site plans, public rooms, entrances and exits, etc.

‘Safe NEXT’ stands for event organization under the highest possible standards of pandemic health measures and consists of an elaborate set of regulations. All measures meet the appropriate regional arrangements and might vary, differ, or change at any time, as legislation is updated. NEXT and its safety officers are in direct contact with regional and national authorities. All decisions regarding the feasibility of the event will be subject to the German government’s pandemic restriction measures.

The following distance and contact avoidance measures will apply at each location:

  • Admission controls: Depending on the size and capacity of the location, only a certain number of attendees per time unit are allowed entry. In order to control admission to the event, there will be a registration or reservation obligation. This also serves to avoid waiting times and reduces “encounter traffic”. The minimum distance of 1.5 metres between waiting participants will be maintained in entrance and reception areas.
  • Employees will be instructed by the following protective measures and rules of conduct (including general rules of infection protection such as “sneezing etiquette”, classification of cold symptoms, etc. Participants will be educated using signs, posters, etc. about hygiene rules, including sanitary facilities.
  • Areas will be clearly marked by barriers and provided with a central entry and a central exit. The access control will be carried out using fixed barriers, guards and flutter tape.
  • A distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained between chairs. Attention will be paid to seating to make it as generous as possible.
  • As far as possible, one-way traffic around the event will be arranged with suitable markings. The marking also indicates the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between persons.
  • The avoidance of queues and congestion is ensured by responsible supervisors.

Event organisation

  • Guests who are not prepared to comply with the following rules will be denied access in accordance with our house rules.
  • Contact details of all participants will be recorded. These will be saved for one month after the event and will be then destroyed in compliance with the DSGVO (GeneralData Protection Regulation).

Individual personal measures including SARS-CoV-2 testing procedures:

  • Each participating individual is subject to a daily SARS-CoV-2 rapid test. This includes all first or third party staff directly or indirectly interacting with the event participants for more than 15 minutes.
  • In accordance with regional health authority requirements, the organizer will provide certified testing facilities and equipment. Each person to be tested is required to show identification (passport or ID card with photo) whenever SARS-CoV-2 testing is administered.
  • If a person wishes to withdraw from the above mentioned regulations, he or she will not be able to participate in the event or interact with other participants.
  • Participants with symptoms or a positive SARS-CoV-2 test will be denied access.
  • Participants must register before entering the event and wash or disinfect their hands. Suitable washing facilities and/or disinfectant dispensers will be provided.
  • All participants are obliged to wear a mouth-and-nose mask (FFP2) when moving around the grounds and everywhere where distance cannot be maintained or participants sit closely together.
  • All staff members with direct contact to participants are obliged to wear mouth and nose protection.

Event related measures

  • Our hospitality will follow the catering trade’s guidelines.
  • Communal drink dispensers are prohibited.
  • Inside, sports and other activities that create increased aerosol emission are prohibited.
  • Rental of items like earphones or blankets is waived, unless adequate disinfection or cleaning is provided.
  • Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly with a grease-dissolving household cleaner or disinfected with a virucidal agent.
  • Appropriate toilet access arrangements will be made for a controlled number of persons wearing a mask. The number of persons in will be managed, depending on the size of the restroom. Social distancing of 1.5 metres will be observed and if necessary, individual toilets or urinals may be closed.
  • Toilets will be cleaned at regular intervals. Liquid soap and disposable towels for the participants will be

Popular questions

  • What happens if I feel unwell?

    Don’t panic. If you start to feel fatigued, feverish and suddenly can’t taste or smell our great coffee, head over to one of the many first aid points. If you’re not on-site yet and feel unwell, please stay at home, rest and contact us.

  • What happens to my pass if I test positive?

    If you receive a positive test, we kindly ask you to dial the emergency number displayed in the E-Mail you’ve received from our test team. We further ask you to immediately isolate yourself from any other persons. You are urged to then place yourself in domestic quarantine. Our testing station is in direct contact with the local health department, which means that you will also be contacted by them with further instructions. In the unlikely event of you testing positive, you will be informed about the refunding process. We’ll also give you a free Virtual Pass so you can still join from home.

  • How and when do I get my Covid tests?

    Before being admitted to our conference premises, you will undergo a test offered by NEXT in front of the conference centre. Alternatively, you can present your own test result that cannot be older than 24 hours. If you wish to be tested by us, please plan to arrive at the venue 1.5 hours before the start of the event. If you arrive later, the program may have to start without you.

  • What do I do with my Covid test results?

    Your test result will be sent via E-Mail. The great thing about rapid tests is that you get the result in just 30 minutes. After you’ve received your test result you just need to show it to our staff at the check-in counter and your excess pass will be handed over.

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As preparations for the NEXT events proceed, please be aware that the hygiene protection strategy will probably be amended! All attendees will be informed in time about possible changes. By complying with these requirements and the overarching hygiene protection strategy, we can ensure that the NEXT events will be realized safely.

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Last updated: July 9, 2021

State-certified safety officer responsible for the NEXT hygiene concepts

Martin Karnatz

Certified hygiene officer for event management

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Biedenkamp 16
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