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  • Karlheinz Brandenburg on How to be a Game Changer


    Dreams have been around for a very long time. Karlheinz Brandenburg is a man whose dream came true with the invention of the digital audio technologies MP3 and MPEG. They set new game changing standards. The recipe for a true game changer involves several ingredients: trying to do the impossible,…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Itay Talgam on Culture Changers: Great Conductors’ Art of Rehearsing


    Warming up the audience with singing: Itay Talgam is on stage for the second time at a next conference. Did you know that the highest burn out rate is amongst orchestra musicians? And that’s just because of bad leadership, according to Itay. He shows us the different ways of how…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Game Changers use Disruptive Technologies, Break Rules and Redefine Business Models


    The Internet is the ultimate disruptive technology. 15 years after the advent of the Web in the mass market, we only had a glimpse into what is possible. The Web changes the game completey. It empowers individuals to achieve what individuals never could achieve before in history. We call them…

    By Martin Recke

  • HuffPost looks for the ultimate Game Changers


    In case you bother to read this blog, you already know the main theme of next10: Game Changers. We will tell you more about that soon, but in the meantime have a look at the fabulous Huffington Post. Currently they are celebrateing 100 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in 10 categories who…

    By Martin Recke

  • Why Adobe acquires Omniture


    At first, this news sounded a bit odd to me. Is there any reason why Adobe should want to buy web analytics firm Omniture? And then, I’ve a long history of acquisitions in mind. We are still using a tool called Hitbox that was developed by WebSideStory which got acquired…

    By Martin Recke