Welcome to our unique NEXT homes!

All NEXT19 venues are located along the ´Reeperbahn´, which is providing an unique canvas for the unusual NEXT experience. As it shows on the map all venues are pretty close to each other (within walking distance). Take a closer look at each of them below.

Get an overview:

This is where it all happens:

Schmidts Tivoli

The unique plushy theatre at the heart of the St.Pauli District is almost 150 years old. The mainstage hosts our keynotes on Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Registration starts at 7:30 am on Thursday and 8:00 am on Friday.

SCHMIDTS TIVOLI – Spielbudenplatz 27-28

Schmidt Theater

In addition to the main stage of Schmidts Tivoli, this location is the second stage for some selected keynotes, hosted together with Reeperbahn Festival (only on Thursday).

SCHMIDT THEATER – Spielbudenplatz 21-22

Copper House

Copper House opens at 08:00 am on both NEXT days. Our NEXT networking hub is offering talks & workshops, demos, a co-working space and networking areas with free coffee and beverages. Come along, meet the NEXT crowd and get in touch with the NEXT Premium Partners. And don’t forget to attend the parties, right?

COPPER HOUSE – Davidstraße 37


The club with a stunning view over the famous Reeperbahn will host talks and panels. Come up here to get a glimpse of the whole strip.

GAGA – Spielbudenplatz 21-22


The pub with its in and outdoor area is located at the waterfront of the St.Pauli District and is famous for his micro-brewery and the homemade pizza.

ÜBERQUELL – St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28-32

Washington Bar

An indispensable part of the ´Kiez´ since 1964. Join us for talks and workshops in an unmatched atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle.

WASHINGTON BAR – Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 79


The new office space of the on-demand mobility service MOIA is located in the historic Stadthöfe in Hamburg. MOIA will host talks and panels.

MOIA – Stadthausbrücke 8

Samsung Connected Living House

Futuristic living concepts are already a reality today and the Smart Home is becoming more and more a part of the family. Experience demos, live music and free drinks.

Samsung Connected Living House – An der Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli, Neuer Kamp 31


Usually, this cozy restaurant serves the best ´Schnitzel´ in Hamburg. As one of our new locations this year it will host some afternoon sessions of NEXT.

GASSENHAUR – Kastanienallee 32


A boat well known for hosting the best get-together experience in Hamburg. Check in here and join the unique river cruise.

MS NEXT – St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken Brücke 6/7

Panorama Lounge

The lounge located directly at the harbour with the best view of the Elbe and harbor will host some afternoon sessions.

PANORAMA LOUNGE – Fischmarkt 14


The Hafen-Klub is located in one of the most beautiful spots of Hamburg – directly on the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken – and will host some afternoon sessions.

Hafen-Klub – Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 3