• Wolfgang Macht – We Without Borders


    In a world gone digital media competence is very important - both for organisations and families. Wolfgang Macht and Katrin Viertel wrote a book "Wir ohne Grenzen" addressing both. It offers guidelines on how to deal with social media.

  • Heinrich Arnold – Be Safe In An Open Mobile World


    Security is one of the biggest challenges confronting the mobile industry. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Heinrich Arnold presented T-Labs' technology Simko 3, which could be the solution.

  • Harald Neidhardt – Lifestyle of Mobility


    In the future, we will not have to walk heads down anymore when using our smartphones. Harald Neidhardt presents current technologies smoothing the way for the 'heads up economy'.

  • Adrian Westaway – Bananas, Technology and Magic


    What should a mobile phone for the elderly look like? At NEXT Berlin 2012 Adrian Westaway presented his innovative approach to the topic.

  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino at NEXT Berlin 2012


    We increasingly connect things to the internet. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is one of the few women who are not only part of this development, but are also driving and advancing it.

  • Olsson Anders – Gaze Interaction: The Next Computer Interface


    Olsson Anders introduces gaze interaction, which represents the next step in the evolution of computer interfaces and human-machine-interaction.

  • Michael Breidenbruecker – 3minutes 40seconds


    Michael Breidenbrücker introduces "Project now", an app that uses sensory information from your smartphone to generate a soundtrack through your whole day - corresponding to the situation you're in and your musical profile.

  • Reimund Schmald – Voice User Interface: History, Status, Future


    Voice User Interfaces are increasingly used not only in mobile phones, but also in TVs and cars. Reimund Schmald explains the challenges the industry is facing in terms of voice control and ventures a glimpse into the future.

  • Deepa Iyengar – Mind Control On-The-Go


    Brain data have been in use for medical purposes for quite a some time now. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Deepa Iyengar not only explained but also showed how this data can be used in consumer electronics as well.

  • AKQA at NEXT Berlin 2012


    The founders of the international agency AKQA Ajaz Ahmed and James Hillton are not only charming, but also very inspiring. At NEXT Berlin 2012 they presented their formula for being successful in a world gone digital: ‘Velocity’.

  • Jens Garberding – How UI Design Can Help Managing Chaos


    Not long ago, our digital desktops looked like a simple digitisation of our analog desks. Today GUIs use a “metro-style design language”, which is universally understandable and stripped off unnecessary information, Jens Garberding explains in his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012.

  • Isaac Wolkerstorfer – All You Need Is Love


    The message Isaac Wolkerstorfer brings across in his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012 describes a future trend not only for programming, but for every kind of creative work: love driven development.

  • Philipp Moeser – Woogaʼs Declaration of Independence: Everything scales


    There are many approaches to developing software. One of them is the Agile concept, which Philipp Moeser, CTO at Wooga, explained at NEXT Berlin 2012. He also talked about the implications it has when implemented in a company.

  • Malte Ubl – Programming; Explained.


    For Malte Ubl, programming is a hobby for which you can even get paid. In his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012 he gave the audience a better understanding of why he considers programming that way and how you can get started yourself.

  • Xyologic – App Store Analytics


    Xyologic is a search engine for apps - going beyond the search on the Android Market or iTunes. Matthäus Krzykowski explains Xyologic's mission and why he employs mostly Eastern European staff.

  • OZON – Russia’s Largest Online Retailer


    OZON is Russia’s biggest online retailer - so its CEO Maelle Gavet is not just “Looking East”, but is already successfully running her business there. Knowing the Russian market very well, she gives us very intersting insights.

  • Resonate – Platform for Art and Technology


    Filip Visnjic is editor-in-chief of CAN, architect, teacher and organiser of the Resonate festival. He explains why Eastern Europe is the perfect place for this kind of festival.

  • LHBS – Bridging East and West


    The main business of the Austrian think tank LHBS is building a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. Stefan Erschwendner explains why and how the company tries to accomplish that.

  • How Men And Robots Will Cooperate


    Even though it is impossible to imagine industrial production without robots, the interaction of humans and factory robots has been quite difficult - at least up until now. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Elias Knubben und Alexander Hildebrandt presented the latest developments in robotics.

  • Morphing: The People’s Car Project


    Of course, knowing the desires and needs of your stakeholders is the basis for developing successful products and services. In China, Volkswagen therefore used an open innovation approach: ‘The People’s Car Project’.

  • Alexander Shapiro – Chinese Women Over 30: What makes them tick and click?


    China’s economy is not only one of the largest in the world, but also one of the fastest growing. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Alexander Shapiro explained why this development was accompanied by fundamental changes in terms of consumption and internet usage.

  • Will Sansom – People Power: From Social Marketing to Social Business


    Social Media has been used as a marketing tool for quite a while now, but maybe not the right way. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Will Sansom explained that many brands use social media like a broadcasting channel - which obviously does not exploit their full potential.

  • Soundcloud – Share Your Sound


    David Noël explains what Soundcloud's mission is: to “unmute the web”.

  • Amen!


    Felix Petersen introduces his Berlin startup Amen, an app allowing you to easily share your opinion with others.