• Buzzoole


    Fabrizio Perrone pitched at NEXT13 his idea of Buzzoole - a platform that wants to help users optimise their online presence and engagement with their network.

  • bewarket


    The Portuguese team of bewarket has created a marketplace for Facebook. At NEXT13 bewarket's CEO Marco Barbosa pitched the great idea on the Start-up Stage.

  • Geddit


    Geddit connects every student in the classroom to their teacher. Due to Anton Troynikov and his team the times when shy students were overlooked are over. At NEXT13 he presented the business model and the idea of Geddit.

  • Prizgo


    Charlie Casey pitched at NEXT13 his idea of Prizgo. The idea of his Start-up is to combine a social rewards program with analytics to enable retailers to boost customer engagement, retention and advocacy on their sites.

  • Algolia


    Nicolas Dessaigne, Co-Founder & CEO of Algolia, introduced his innovative idea live at the NEXT13 Start-up Pitch.

  • Glitter


    Pedro Sousa pitched at NEXT13 the vision and the business model of his Start-up Glitter - an app desiged to revolutionise how casting agencies, producers and clients work together.

  • And now? Expansion, mobile and new territories


    Niklas Östberg, the CEO and co-founder of Delivery Hero, reshaped the food delivery industry with his online food ordering service. Watch the interview and learn more about the story behind Delivery Hero’s way to success.

  • The impact of mobile on local


    Groupon and CityDeal creator Daniel Glasner is now aiming to mix up the local commerce sector with his new project eCaBo. At NEXT13 he talked about the big potential of local commerce.

  • The Twist of Execution


    “Not only has the accelerated way of 'executing' ideas changed, the mere distinction between producers and consumers/users has been falling away.” - Anne Pascual, Design Director of IDEO, discussed in her talk at NEXT13 how digital tools and means of production have been effecting innovation and design.

  • Mobile Trends


    “In the past mobile was a great challenge for us - now it has become a fantastic opportunity” - At NEXT13 Marc Stilke introduced the ImmobilienScout24 mobile strategy. For what reason is searching for real estate so suitable for the mobile use case?

  • How free agents are changing the financial industry


    "Free agents are the new phenomenon in the western economy.” - Mikko Teerenhovi, founder of Holvi, discussed the work of his company and explained that new financial services have to focus on really knowing their customers.

  • TV meets mobile


    Tobias Schmidt, the co-founder and CEO of the Second Screen App wywy talked about the rising of he Second Screen industry due to the rapid change in TV consumption behavior.

  • Stopping the world from cooking


    Adrian Blair, Chief Operating Officer of Just Eat, shared his experiences about how to build a lighthouse brand in the food delivery market.

  • The new Era


    At NEXT13 Peter Jäger, member of the management board of Microsoft, talked about the new era of Microsoft and it’s changing position in the mobile industry.

  • NodeCopter – programming flying robots


    Robin Mehner (coding robin) and Felix Geisendörfer (Transloadit Ltd) delighted the NEXT13 audience with the live programming of a flying robot and presented how NodeCopter & friends can be used as educational tool which excites kids & students for programming in general.

  • The Future of Gaming


    Ian Bernstein, co-founder of Orbotix and creator of Sphero, talked about the next revolution of gaming: augmented/mixed reality! He introduced the robot ball Sphero, an innovative augmented reality technology, controllable with your smartphone. Sneak a peek at the future of gaming!

  • Next in Consumer Finance


    Talk by Jörg Ziesche, ING DiBa…

  • Next in Consumer Finance


    “What’s next in consumer finance?” - at NEXT13 Jörg Ziesche, Internet/Mobile Director of ING-DiBa, inspired entrepreneurs and the industry to think about unsolved problems consumers have.

  • Service Design: The Spark of Strategy


    At NEXT13 Louisa Heinrich, founder of Superhuman Limited, looked at how to create real value - to customers and business - by keeping a focus on humans. An inspiring talk about the key to commercial success!

  • From strechted to strengthened: marketing transformation


    “While Marketing has always been responsible for knowing the customer, now they are required to understand and respond to customers as individuals.” - Sabine Schilg, Vice President and CMO of the IBM Europe Software Group, presents at NEXT13 a new study about marketing transformation.

  • Contextualizing content in a mobile world


    “Technology changes fast, behaviour more slowly, and motivation not at all” - Martin Ott, Managing Director Northern Europe at Facebook, clarified at NEXT13 in which way the rise of new technologies influences our way of living.

  • Go big or go home


    “How do you conquer the world?" - Paul Jozefak talked with Fabian Siegel (Global Founders Capital) and Kevin Hartz (Eventbrite) about the most exciting areas for investment at the moment.

  • The Declaration of Independents


    “ People are doing more with less and being paid less to do so.” - Bryce Roberts, Managing Director of O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, talked at NEXT13 about revolutionaries and the necessity of a declaration of independents.

  • Life after data


    “So what is the future of having relationships with dead objects?” - David Bausola, founder of Philter Phactory talked about the Life after Data and explained the context of storytelling and technology.