• The Air We Breathe


    The borders between the physical and digital world are blurring - and design is the key to making sense of our everchanging chaotic environment. At NEXT Service Design Sami Niemelä (Nordkapp) explained why.

  • Designing Services for a technological World


    Many new interfaces are waiting to be designed, and these design tasks are no longer divided between screen, software, and hardware (or product). The whole world is becoming programmable, configurable and even printable - witness the explosion of 3D printing that’s happening before our very eyes.

  • Lean Services: the new Context, the new Audience


    Both the needs of customers and the context in which companies operate have changed dramatically. In this video Paul Sims (Made by Many) explains how lean, agile and service design concepts help to adjust to these developments.

  • A Facebook for Things – Turning Physical Products into Digital Information Services


    “If you think there’s already a lot of communication on the Internet today, just wait until things start talking,” Andy Hobsbawm comments. At NEXT Service Design he showed what the Internet of Things means for intelligent service design.

  • Service Design – Buzzword or Magic Method?


    At NEXT Service Design Pia Betton discussed whether service design is really providing sustainable value, or is limited to only a few use cases: buzzword or magic method?

  • The Design in Service Design


    A true evangelist of innovation methodology, Lisa Lindström, the Managing Director of the Swedish design consultancy Doberman, is one of the stars in service design.

  • How lean and service design methods can create innovative, digital products


    Companies have to face the challenge of how to develop a sustainable business model that provides for ongoing economic and societal changes. Service design is one possible approach to do so, as Magnus Christensson explained at NEXT Service Design.

  • Service Design – Are we still talking about this?


    When it comes to service design, Chris Downs really is kind of a behemoth. At NEXT Service Design, we charged him with the task of setting the stage by introducing the audience to what the event is all about.

  • Strategy is a Service! What business leadership can learn from service design.


    “There are no recipes in here, you have to cook up your own.” So said Alexander Baumgardt (Systemic Partners) as he started his talk at NEXT Service Design.

  • The Experience is the Product


    Keynote by Pedro Custódio, Experience DesignersSpeaker at NEXT Service Design 2012 Over the past years, experience designer Pedro Custódio has collected a lot of expertise in the fields of user experience, usability and product development. In his talk at NEXT Service Design, he shared some leanings, he found on…

  • Start-up Pitch Award Ceremony at NEXT Berlin 2012


    Over 100 start-ups applied for the Deutsche Telekom Start-up Pitch at NEXT Berlin 2012. Twelve of these had the chance to pitch live at the conference, but just one could win. A top-class jury decided on the winner: Squadmail!

  • 10stamps


    10stamps - an innovative app pitched at NEXT Berlin 2012. Arash Houshmand presented his enterprise to the jury.

  • eyeQuest


    Thomas Brüggemann was among the Top 12 who had the chance to pitch their start-up live on the NEXT Berlin 2012 stage! He introduced his start-up eyeQuest.

  • Flakka


    On the NEXT Berlin 2012 Start-up Stage: Till Haunschild presenting his start-up Flakka.

  • Kjero


    Entrepreneur Thomas Metzler pitched his idea on the NEXT Berlin 2012 stage: Kjero.

  • MarkTheGlobe


    MarkTheGlobe was presented in the NEXT12 Start-up Pitch. Entrepreneur Matthias Zeitler introduced his app to the top-class jury.

  • Fileee


    On the NEXT Berlin 2012 Start-up Stage: Marius Gerwinn pitching his app Fileee.

  • Meine Spielzeugkiste


    Florian Spathelf pitched his start-up live on the NEXT Berlin 2012 stage.

  • Slidemotion


    Slidemotion is one of the twelve start-ups that participated in the NEXT Berlin 2012 Start-up Pitch. Marko Petkovic presented the application on stage.

  • Refinder


    Leo Sauermann is CEO of Refinder. At NEXT Berlin 2012 he presented his app and took part in the start-up pitch.

  • BoxCrypter


    Presentation of Andrea Wittek (Secomba) on the NEXT Berlin 2012 Start-up Pitch

  • BeeFM


    Daniel Fogel presented the start-up BeeFM on the NEXT Berlin 2012 stage!

  • Squadmail


    Winner of the NEXT Berlin 2012 Start-up Pitch with Deutsche Telekom: Squadmail!

  • How to become Germany’s next Top Startup


    How to become Germany's next top start-up? A question that many entrepreneurs out there will probably find very interesting. Stephan Breidenbach and Christian Weiss try to give an answer.