• Bubble or Business – Is Berlin The New Valley?


    There is a war going on between cities across the globe: Which is the new valley? Has Berlin the potential to become the flourishing ecosystem for startups Silicon Valley has been in the last years?

  • Post-Digital Business


    The second Hot Seat Session at NEXT Berlin 2012 covered the topic 'Post Digital Business'. Mike Butcher, Dennis Wetzig and Patrick Meisberger tried to answer the question: Is the digital revolution over?

  • wahwahFM – Winner Of NEXT Startup Pitch 2011


    On the NEXT12 startup stage Philipp Eibach talked about his experiences from last year’s pitch and explained what happened afterwards...

  • What Is the Next Big Thing in the Startup Space?


    Just recently, ideas like co-creation, co-working, crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding and sustainability became part of business models - which are completely new and different from the way we did business in the past. But what will come next?

  • Thorsten Schapmann on deepblue networks


    Thorsten Schapmann explains how deepblue networks adapts to changes in the industry, society and economy and how a more entrepreneurial view helps managing these challenges.

  • Mike John Otto on Hi-Res!


    Mike John Otto describes Hi-Res! not as a traditional agency, but rather as a studio. You're wondering what the difference is? Otto gives the answer in this talk at NEXT12.

  • Matthias Maurer on La Red


    In this talk Matthias Maurer explains how La Red tries to produce ‘good digital communication’, as he puts it.

  • Where Some Of My Genes Come From


    Martin Gassner has been working for more than 20 years in the digital sphere. In this presentation at NEXT Berlin 2012 he shared his learnings from different art projects and explained how they can be applied to digital agencies.

  • The Thing Formerly Known As An Agency


    Tim Malbon introduced the service design and product innovation company Made by Many.

  • DNA of the Post Digital Agency – Redefining the Genetic Code for the Creative Industry


    Like every other industry, creative agencies have to face the challenges of the post digital era. In this panel discussion at NEXT Berlin 2012 five leading digital agencies discuss this issues and share their vision of the post digital agency.

  • Augmented Reality as a New Creative Medium


    Helen Papagiannis is both researcher and designer. That's why she focuses on how emerging technologies like Augmented Reality can be used as creative media - and she found some interesting ways to do so!

  • The Distributed Artist


    Benjamin Rabe and Fabric Lenny are working on joint projects with other artists from around the world - on their mobile phone. In this talk they explained what it means to be part of a 'distributed artist'.

  • How Can Mobile And 3D Objects Change People’s lives?


    Portable devices are becoming more and more advanced. That's why we're able to use more complex tools on the go. At NEXT Berlin 2012, Hilde Sevens (Autodesk) discussed the changes that were triggered by this development.

  • Knocking On Your Doorstep – How Big Data Will Transform Digital Messaging


    Social, interest and situation graph - how can you utilise all the data available about your customers? Christian Schönknecht explores how big data will revolutionise business.

  • Next Steps in Maps


    What used to be abstract 2D maps are now almost photorealistic representations of the world. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Aaron Rincover focussed on this development and talked about the future of maps.

  • ClearSky Instead of Cloud


    At NEXT12 Robert Schwegler shared his xperience in software development and cloud computing. With the help of various best practice examples he explains what you need to keep in mind when delivering a cloud based service.

  • Smartphone and Tablet Development in 2012/2013: Trends and Best Practices


    What will be the mobile trends in 2012/2013? At NEXT Berlin 2012 Sundeep Madra tried to answer the question.

  • High Performance Mobile


    Steve Souders is Performance Leader at Google and focusses on website speed and mobile performance. At this year’s conference he gave insights into the topic.

  • The Real World Just Got Better


    An appetiser for NEXT Service Design: Andy Hobsbawm talks at NEXT Berlin 2012 about 'digital active identities' - digital services that can be added to any kind of product.

  • NEXT 100


    Sebastian Matthes (WirtschaftsWoche), Christophe Maire (Atlantic Venture), Sven Külper (myTaxi), Ciaran O’Leary (Earlybird Venture Capital)…

  • Min-Kin Mak on the Startup Track


    Speaker at NEXT Berlin 2012…

  • Elisabeth Stangl on the Creative Track


    Curator & Speaker at NEXT Berlin 2012…

  • The Call For Mobile Adventure


    At NEXT Berlin 2012 Laurent Burdin gave the audience a tour through the diverse landscape of mobile applications. He shared insights on how to successfully enter mobile territory.

  • The Future of Fashion Blogging


    Time is short and there’s a lot of great stuff on the internet. So services like Bloglovin’ come in handy, when you have too many interests and too little time. Mattias Swenson presents his visual RSS reader and the latest trends in blogging.