Philip Siefer is the CEO of the german start-up Stickvogel, which he founded as a student in 2003. Starting off as an embroidery service company with one embroidery machine (named after Philips grandfather) and rather small order numbers by mostly
private clients, the company developed it´s capacities and by 2011 owned up to 20
machines and a pioneering online configurator.
From 2003 onwards, Stickvogel had organised a lot of in house embroidery services
at retailers like IKEA, and increased it´s sale figures due to higher order volumes and
a loyal network of customers.
During it´s christmas embroidery promotion at IKEA in 2010, where Stickvogel
managed to sell 15.000 embroideries, in 9 different IKEA houses with the help of
45 part-time employees, the Stickvogel Team was spotted by Wilhelm Josten, CEO
of Germanys retailer BUTLERS. After that, everything developed in highspeed: the
Stickvogel GmbH was founded, developed the first online configurator for embroidery
on the net and built up its team.
By the end of 2011, the configurator was implented in the BUTLERS Onlineshop
where it provides the customers with options to engrave and embroider textiles and
even print their own pictures on canvases. Right now, Stickvogel is developing its
B2B portofolio to cooperate with a broad range of others retailers and is working on
some new ideas how to perfect online Individualization.