As a partner of NEXT Conference (September 19, 2024), you will make yourself visible as a thought leader and expert in your field. Bring your topics to the attention of multipliers and decision-makers, and present yourself where leaders of the digital society, innovators, entrepreneurs, makers and artists come together in an open, collaborative atmosphere.

Our partner areas and stages offer a perfect setting to meet the most important actors in person and on par with each other, to network and exchange ideas and to initiate potential collaborations. Lightning talks for short impulses or in-depth panel discussions – as part of the programme you set your own topics. Networking events and meetups bring you into direct exchange with our participants.

Our strength lies in the diversity of topics: science, technology, sustainability, health, mobility snd marketing – all aspects of our digital society have their place at our conference.

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  • Shape the NEXT Conference programme: panels, talks or individual formats on stage
  • Branding opportunities on-site and online
  • Communicate your partnership through the high-reach channels of NEXT
  • ...and many other possibilities — we are open to your ideas!
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    Business Development

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    Partnership Manager

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    Partners from previous years (selection):

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    NEXT Conference 2023

    Mark your calendars: NEXT23 is approaching fast!

    Our annual conference hosted by Accenture Song and Faktor 3 is coming to Hamburg on September 21, 2023.

    With NEXT23’s theme “Let’s get physical” we’re exploring the exciting fusion of the digital and physical worlds, known as the phygital world. The phygital world is emerging as a fusion of the digital and physical, powered by AI.

    The pandemic has permanently changed the way we live and work and created new challenges. The power of digital technology is transforming the physical world, from health to robotics. LLMs and AI are transforming the workplace, automating repetitive tasks while creativity remains a human capability. It’s time to turn our attention to the physical world and embrace the paradigm shift.

    Expect a full day of networking, innovation and inspiration.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with thought leaders, marketers, strategists, innovators, creative thinkers and doers from across industries.

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    Engage with the NEXT crowd

    • Francesca Bria

      CDP Venture Capital , President

    • Parag Khanna , Managing Partner

    • Benedict Evans

      Independent Analyst

    • Holger Schellkopf

      Virtual Identity , Director Content, Communication, Marketing

    • Maria von Scheel-Plessen

      Gucci , Director EMEA

    • Eliza Filby

      gradtrain , Generations Consultant

    • Alexander Baumgardt

      California College of the Arts , Professor, Interaction Design

    • Nina Klaß

      next.Media Hamburg , Head of nextMedia.Hamburg