This is NEXT:

NEXT gets discussions flowing on topics imperative for the future: How does innovation in the age of machines affect everyone? How do human behaviour and customer expectations change? And what does this mean for us, the drivers of digitalisation, and our companies?

Shift your perspective on digital business. Exploring since 2006:

/ at our global gatherings in Hamburg and Berlin with up to 2,000 innovators, digital leaders, and creatives from around the world

/ at our special interest events on topics such as Service Design, finance, and mobility

/ in our digital show ‘What’s NEXT’

/ and in deep dives in our insights, videos, and books

Further formats to come – join the NEXT crowd to stay up to date.

NEXT facts:

NEXT facts:

Who's NEXT?

Our dedicated team puts a lot of work and time into the planning, implementation, and execution of NEXT to ensure we provide the ultimate conference experience each and every year.

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