UPDATE: In view of the Corona crisis and its effects, we have decided not to hold the NEXT Conference as an analog event this year. Learn more.

WHAT'S NEXT season two is in full swing!

It is time to step out of our daily routines and catch fire for some new ideas. Reflecting this, NEXT introduced a digital show early 2020: WHAT’S NEXT. After a first successful season, the format is finally back! With new inspiring guests like Matthias Schrader, Thomas Müller, Laëtitia Vitaud, Albert Wenger and Azeem Azhar.

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Out now: The Great Redesign

Over the years, some exciting books have emerged from the events surrounding NEXT. The Great Redesign – Frameworks for the Future – is the title of the latest addition from digital pioneer Matthias Schrader and communications expert Volker Martens.

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