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As strategists, designers, start-up founders, marketers and citizens of the world, we thrive to be one step ahead – to learn how digital, business and societal trends will influence us tomorrow and how to adapt to these fundamental changes. 

Season 5 cover fascinating insights about New Work, global supply chains, utopian visions, the Metaverse and Web3, smart technology, intelligence and many more. Our expert line-up includes a selection of fantastic international speakers such as Kate Stone, Kübra Gümüşay, Alexander Baumgardt and Nick Law.

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Season 5 sneak peek!

Design Systems: Complexity and Simplicity
We had an interesting talk with Nick Law (Global Lead for Design and Creative Technology at Accenture Song). He told us why he joined a consultancy firm, why he’s a firm believer in leadership teams and what’s behind his model of the complexity curve.

TechBio – The Coming Age of Life that We Can Engineer
Loretta Tioiela on bioengineering. She believes that the future will be shaped by the convergence of life science and computing technologies and her mission is to build the largest Synthetic Biology Open Computing ecosystem to support it.

6 Reasons Why the Future Will Look More Like the Past
Kate Stone believes the future might look more like the past than the present. Kate demonstrates some of her interactive printed experiences and discusses the philosophical aspects of why humans may seek out a future more like the past than the present.

In conversation with…

Upcoming episode

Customer behavior is changing rapidly – In conversation with Natalie Nahai

Preferences of customers and employees are more and more often built on identifying not only with products or services but the values at the heart of a business they can identify with. How do companies approach that image?

In the upcoming episode of NEXT–SHOW, Natalie Nahai, an international speaker, author and consultant, shares her thoughts on changing customer behavior and the impact of ethics, the intersection of persuasive tech and psychology in businesses.
We talk about how and why customers prefer sustainable businesses that have certain core values over just profit-driven brands and how companies can approach to adapt these values. When focusing on cultivating trusty relationships beyond profit, companies would achieve long term success. In her book “Business Unusual”, which we thematize, Natalie also shares how to actually express a trustable company image, for example through branded content.

Tune in, understand the shift in employee and customer priorities and learn how brands can profit long-term when adapting to these changes.

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Tune in on August 25th, 5 pm

Upcoming episode

Thursday, August 11th, 5 pm (CEST)

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra is an author and entrepreneur, with a background in design. She’s spent 15 years studying the Internet Of Things (IOT) and even wrote two books about it. In London, she’s also founder of the “Internet Of Things Meetup” and the Low Carbon Design Institute, which develops climate change themed tools for creative minds.

Building on her years of experience, IOT research and the design thinking behind connected products, she understands well what both consumers and tech founders require from smart technology. She also knows the mistakes that founders often make and how IOT maturity can lead to a plateau of disillusionment. 

This exciting new episode of the NEXT-SHOW highlights the ambivalence of the growing appetite for smart home technology on the one side and the increase of data privacy awareness on the other side. Together with our guest, we will investigate the difference between the original purpose of many smart devices versus what they are actually being used for. Furthermore Alexandra will explain how clever design made people quite literally adopt their smart devices.

Don’t miss this episode to learn more about the connection between old and new technology and the growing topic of data privacy in connection to the Internet Of Things.

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Tune in on August 11th, 5 pm

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