NEXT11 is History – a Big Thank You!

By Martin Recke

We're done. The show is over, and my small core team and me had an awesome time last night at our after-show party in a small karaoke bar which also happens to be an indonesian bistro. That was a super exclusive event, just the six of us. Sorry to everyone who had liked to join us - it was completely spontaneous, unplanned and happened to us without warning.

In the spirit of Data Love, I'd like to share some fresh data about the event: 1651 people registered, that's almost 300 more than last year. 155 speakers, that means every tenth participant was a speaker.

People came from 16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia, Bulgaria, USA and of course Germany. That's nothing compared to the Eurovision Song Contest, but I think there are some countries missing in this list, e.g. Japan where Oliver Reichenstein happens to live and work. We'll check the numbers and update them later.

According to Twingly, the overall number of tweets containing the “next11” keyword was more than 11,000, with almost 9,000 of them during the time of the conference and more than 3,000 different users tweeting about NEXT11. Awesome. More data can be found in this post. The potential reach of tweets on the first day of NEXT11 according to Buzzrank was a whopping 5,314,233. Wow!

We had 185 matches on the digital foosball table at NEXT11 and 140 players who played for a total time of 14 hours and 40 minutes (and the latest numbers might even be higher, need to update this as well).

The number of devices connected to the Wifi amounted to 1,400 or approx. one device per participant, which is a considerably lower number than at other industry events. The amount of data transferred through the Wifi was 104 GB.

And last but not least: The number of tweets @BenaRoberts who suffers from metaplastic breast cancer was 224, thus setting a new world record!

A big thank you to all the curators, moderators, and speakers, the 40 sponsors who supported the event and of course every participant. And finally to our partner STATION-Berlin, the great venue of NEXT11.

Looking forward to NEXT12!