We’re excited that you’re interested in joining us for this exclusive event in September 2024. Please note that the NEXT Conference and its side events are invitation-only, with limited tickets available.

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  • Price: 390,00 EUR + 19% VAT
  • Ideal for businesses looking to inspire and empower their teams with the latest industry trends and strategies.
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  • Price: 590,00 EUR + 19% VAT
  • Tailored for service providers, agencies, and consulting firms seeking valuable connections and expert knowledge to enhance their services.
  • Who gets a discount or a free ticket?

    We feel that the secret sauce of a successful conference is an engaged and diverse crowd.
    We try to manage our spots for

    • current or former startup or scale-up employees;
    • individuals working at the forefront of the digital economy;
    • as well as educators, journalists, policymakers, and so on.

    NEXT Conference

    The NEXT brand addresses the key trends in design, marketing and product development, while endeavouring to explore their impact on human behaviour.

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    We are delighted that you would like to be part of the NEXT Conference 2024.

    The NEXT Conference in September 2024 and the associated side events are by invitation only. As only a limited number of tickets are available, we appreciate your pre-registration. Of course, registration is non-binding and does not trigger any costs.

    The registration process is as follows

    1. Fill out the registration questionnaire
    2. Confirm email address
    3. NEXT Team reviews the registration
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