Parallelwelten. The NEXT19 main topic.

Each year, NEXT intends to provoke questions on digital transformation by introducing a broader theme. At NEXT19, topics, speakers and the programme were framed by “Parallelwelten”:

The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in. In German they are called Parallelwelten (= parallel worlds).

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We live in parallel worlds…

Our daily life is increasingly defined by digital products, allowing more freedom than was ever dreamt possible in the analogue past. But this increase in choice has also heightened our susceptibility to manipulation.

In the early 90s, differentiating between real life and life on the Internet was easy. Real life was everything that happened offline. Now, a quarter of a century later, this assumption is nearly obsolete  — real life and life on the Internet have merged, creating not one but several new realities. Stretched out across time, continents and social spheres, “Parallelwelten” are worlds that are invisible to those not a part of them.

…with a shared responsibility.

Worlds where generations live in the same house, but in different dimensions. Worlds that are connected or disconnected by our actions. Worlds formed in filter bubbles and corporate silos. Worlds that crave innovation, and worlds that don’t want to change a single thing.

How do artificial intelligence, computer vision and quantum computing generate these new dimensions? How does our digital imagination drive these new realities? And how do we cultivate these worlds with equal ownership of the outcomes, both positive and negative.

At NEXT19, we investigated these Parallelwelten from five different angles: global, local, technological, corporate and scientific.

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Everything at a glance:

Five angles to Parallelwelten

Global: Other Worlds

We tend to forget that life isn’t confined to Silicon Valley. We’ll take an open look at what’s growing fast in China, India and selected African countries. What do these developments mean for people and companies in Europe?

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Technological: New Realities

Code permeates our lives like an invisible dimension. We talk to voice systems, allow our knowledge to be controlled by algorithms, analyse our emotions with machines, observe ourselves through computers, and fight digital wars. How does this invisible dimension affect our reality? And what is happening beneath the surface without us realising?

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Scientific: Quantum et al

Quantum mechanics, the ‘harbinger’ of parallel worlds, has made an important breakthrough: quantum computing is about to leave the lab. It’s a fascinating technology that goes beyond the binary logic that dominated the early 21st century. What possibilities is it likely to open up for us in the years to come?

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Local: Fragmentation

Whether it’s the urban-rural divide, the generation gap, or any other cause of division, humans are diving deeper into their own universes and decoupling themselves from one another in favour of new tribal structures. This fragmentation presents a behemoth task for companies, both internally and in how they define their target groups. Politics isn’t immune from this fragmentation and faces a huge challenge in reaching people in these new tribal realities. So how do we bring these worlds together and build bridges between them?

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Corporate: Parallel Innovation

How do you continuously improve existing products while simultaneously developing new ideas with transformational potential? How can parallel innovation structures go beyond pure efficiency and help us to answer this increasingly important question?

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Meet the NEXT19 speakers:

As every year, NEXT intends to offer you a versatile group of keynote speakers. With their different backgrounds and insights, they’ll make NEXT20 a unique experiece.

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